Full Length Album in the Works!

Hello lovers! Guess what? I have some exciting news!

Starting in January 2013, I will be recording my debut LP in Montreal for a spring release : )

I can’t wait to spend more time in the studio, layering tracks & adding instruments to create a fuller sound.

In my musical career thus far, I’ve always leaned towards live recordings and first takes in hopes of keeping it raw. Now with the help of friends and family, I look forward to spending a good chunk the new year behind the glass. Stay tuned, and thank you for the support!

My EP is available online @ http://www.kapipal.com/annamnewton




Exciting News…!

Hello lovers, I hope you’re all doing as wonderfully as you should be 🙂

I have some fun & exciting news to share with you, but I’ve decided to try hype’n you up first! (Muahahaha!)

The new year will bring… what?

I shall unveil such news early in October, ok? Cool. You know I love you! : )

On an unrelated note, + just to keep it hype, all hail my upcoming concert roster!: Jack White w/ Pokey LaFarge October 2nd, then Bob Dylan w/ Mark Knoffler, then Neil Young w/ Patti Smith, Leonard Cohen all in November…. AND Jerry Seinfeld December 1st!


Thank you, 25.

Merci, toulemonde!

Stay tuned… 🙂